To find out the status of your case with USCIS, you will need your receipt from USCIS for the application filed.  Then, enter your receipt number, usually found in the upper left corner of the receipt.

When non-U.S. citizens move, they are required to immediately change their addresses with all immigration agencies that they have current or past cases with.  It is not possible to change your address with ICE, CBP, the Immigration Court or the Board of Immigration Appeals online.  Change your address with USCIS online.

Before you can get a green card through adjustment of status, you must undergo a medical exam by a specially designated physician.  You will need your zip code.

If you have questions about a case that is with your local USCIS office that you cannot answer by speaking to an Immigration Attorney, you can schedule an appointment to ask questions at your local USCIS office. The instructions for making your appointment has many languages options.

To find out how long USCIS takes to issue a decision in your type of case, you must know the form name and number and the office you mailed it to, or will mail it to.