Our Values

1 Success: we represent clients to win cases for them.

2 Integrity: we work hard for our clients while remaining ethical in our dealings with them and when interacting with the various government agencies; we do not accept cases when we know there are no available options.

3 Excellence: we believe that cases are won before the immigration interview or immigration court hearing; we take pride in how we strategize, research, plan, and execute before we submit any application on behalf of behalf of a client We would be honored to serve as your immigration lawyers as you become a lawful permanent resident, petition for a family member or employee, defend against removal, apply for protection from persecution, file an immigration waiver to become or remain a lawful permanent resident, or file for citizenship.

Best known for

  • Expertise in immigration law
  • Delivery of outstanding, quality legal representation at a reasonable cost
  • Consistent success in immigration matters
  • Preparation of cases that win approvals
  • Respectful interactions with clients
  • Demonstrated concern for the welfare of our clients
  • Demystification of the immigration process during client representation.
  • We represent persons who wish to obtain an immigration benefit for themselves or a family member, and businesses who wish to hire or retain hardworking, qualified foreign-born employees.  Our attorneys have immigrant roots, are passionate about practicing immigration law, are dedicated to the clients, and adhere to a standard of excellence in the practice of law.




Welcome to Minikon Law, LLC

Minikon Law, LLC was founded in 1994 in Wheaton, Maryland, and continues to be a law firm focused solely on immigration matters, with offices in Greenbelt, Baltimore, and Rockville.

The Greenbelt office is 11 miles from the District of Columbia and 13 miles from Virginia. Our three Maryland locations allow us to serve the immigration needs of our clients throughout Maryland, and beyond. The office's use of technology allows clients to communicate with us easily using the traditional methods or emerging technologies.

Clients can meet with attorneys, sign documents, interact with staff, and provide information and documents without traveling to one of our offices. We see clients during the day and offer early evening and Saturday appointments to accommodate varying schedules. Clients consider us first when they have a subsequent case or are asked by colleagues, friends, or family members to refer them to an immigration attorney.

You're invited to browse our website to learn more about us, immigration law, and how we can assist you. If you would like to meet with us or ask a question, please call or email.

What you get when you hire Minikon Law, LLC to be your legal team:

  • A thorough review of your case to identify at least two viable options
  • Early identification of potential challenges and obstacles so that they can be addressed before they materialize
  • Thorough preparation of your case in a timely manner in order to meet all relevant deadlines

What we do during representation

  • Place clients’ interests first
  • Empower our clients by educating them about the immigration process and laws, and their legal options and constraints
  • Treat clients with civility and respect
  • Stay abreast of new court cases and laws in order to give clients advice based on current law and policies
  • Provide an honest opinion to our clients about the available options or lack thereof
  • Seek creative approaches to solving complex immigration problems